If you have participated as a competitor or judge at this tournament since 2006, then you should have profile in our system.

If you last accessed our system IN 2018 or recently created a new profile, then your username is an email address and you can reset your password by clicking Reset Password in the menu above. You do NOT need to email us to reset your password.

If you last accessed our system PRIOR TO 2018, then you have an old username (not an email address) and password. Use those credentials to access the system to claim your profile to have the system recognize your USKSF membership and other information needed for competing/judging.

If you have your old username but cannot remember your password, you can recover it using this link Recover password. If you don't have your old username, please email us at admin@usksf.org with your name, birthdate and address and we will provide them.

PLEASE DO NOT CREATE DUPLICATE PROFILES! Duplicate profiles will be deactivated.

Use your USKSF access credentials to log in.